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Drug and alcohol addiction are serious problems that require professional help to overcome, that’s where going to a rehab center can help you. It is important to understand that addiction is a disease, like any disease like diabetes or cancer it is vital to seek out professional help — addiction is no different.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse problem, it may be time to reach out to a rehab near you to get the help you require. Before we dive into the countless benefits of going to a drug and alcohol rehab, let’s first get a better understanding of what rehab actually is. 

What is Rehab?

Most of us probably know what rehab is but just in case you don’t, rehab or a substance abuse treatment center is a facility that offers addiction treatment to clients to help them overcome any form of drug or alcohol addiction. Rehabs can vary in many ways, from inpatient to outpatient to executive rehab to luxury rehab and more.

Overall, though, the goal remains the same: help people overcome substance abuse and put them on a path toward long-term sobriety.

What to Expect at Rehab Facilities

Now, just because you know and are aware of what rehab is doesn’t exactly mean you know what to expect if you or a loved one goes to a treatment center. Let’s go over the common features of drug and alcohol rehab and what you might be able to expect from a rehab facility.

Developing a Treatment Plan

Following the initial admissions process, clients will go through an intake evaluation so that the clinicians and addiction professionals can come up with an individualized plan of action for the client. 

Behavioral Therapy and More

After developing a plan, treatment will begin. Depending on if you or a loved one is in an outpatient or inpatient rehab, clients will either travel to the facility or live in the facility for a time. Regardless of whether you are in inpatient or outpatient rehab, once treatment begins, clients will go through various behavioral therapy programs and other treatment modalities that are all conducive to their success and long-term sobriety.

Some of the common aspects of drug and alcohol rehab treatment include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Adventure therapy and more

These are just some of the offerings that you should expect to see at a treatment program. After a certain time period (normally about 30 days, but can be 60, 90 days, or more) clients will be discharged from the facility and enter into the aftercare phase of addiction treatment


Following the initial steps of addiction treatment, clients will be set up with an aftercare program which often consists of 

Finding a Rehab Near You

It is important to understand the process of addiction treatment so that you know what you or your loved one will be experiencing during their time in rehab, but how do you go about finding reliable treatment. Well, for one you can use a treatment locator tool, like the one on SAMHSA’s website.

Along with that, you can look for addiction experts to help you with your search, this is where we come in.

California Rehab

If you are looking for a California rehab specifically, our team here can help you find whatever type of care you are looking for. Whether you are seeking out an outpatient rehab in Orange County or a treatment program in Los Angeles, our team has you covered. 

Please reach out today to learn more about the addiction treatment process and get started on your sobriety journey today. Call us at 866.559.4256 today.