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Sober living in California offers you enormous choice when it comes to personalizing your road to recovery

In a sober living community, you’ll be surrounded by others recovering from addiction in a substance-free environment offering you structure and support without too many restrictions.

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What is Sober Living?

Once called halfway houses, sober living homes operate as a staging post between the security of an inpatient facility and the harsh reality of the real world.

For some Californians completing a residential rehab program, a period in a sober living community can help smooth the transition back into normal daily living.

This will not only help clients learn how to get sober, but learn how to stay sober as well.

Other residents of California without a safe and supportive home environment find sober living homes serve as an effective base from which to engage with outpatient addiction treatment.

Whatever the reasons for relocating to a sober living home, many people in recovery find this supportive base free of temptation makes the difference between sustained recovery and relapse.

 What to Expect from Sober Living Homes in California

Choosing a sober living home in California is much like choosing a treatment center: all that counts is finding one tailored to your needs.

While California sober living home regulations vary depending on the location, you can expect some shared characteristics, regardless of the community in question. Some of these include:

  • Zero-tolerance for addictive substances
  • Testing for consumption of drugs and alcohol
  • Requirements to meet all financial dues, including rent
  • Curfews in place for residents
  • Requirements for employment
  • Mandatory responsibilities and chores
  • Attendance at group meetings
  • Requirement to continue with counseling, 12-step support groups, or other therapies
  • No guests at the facility 

You can usually stay at a sober living home for as long as you need, providing you pay all expenses. Some impose time limits on stays, but most will welcome you for as long as you are meeting your financial obligations, remaining abstinent, and abiding by the house rules. If you do this and continue to take advantage of all the recovery and aftercare options at your disposal, a sober living home can be a great springboard you can use to jump from rehab into the real world less harshly.

Southern California Sober Living Homes

Sober living Southern California offers you great weather year-round, along with unbeatable natural beauty all around, including some of the best beaches in the world.

 Benefit from peace and tranquility when you want it, and a vibrant cultural scene when you’re feeling ready to engage.

Choosing a sober living home in Southern California will help you to relax and recharge as you recover from addiction and build a firm foundation for sobriety.

Northern California Sober Living Homes

Sober living Northern California might not deliver the same high temperatures as you find in the southern half of the state, but you’ll find plenty to occupy you as you commit to ongoing recovery.

With some of the best addiction specialists in the US found in treatment centers in Northern California, whether you’re a Silicon Valley executive or a construction worker in San Diego, you should find a suitable sober living community with relative ease.

 Sober Living California Costs

The cost of sober living homes, just like the cost of rehab, varies considerably.

In states where sober living homes are regulated, there is a cap on the maximum number of residents, usually fewer than ten. 

With sober living homes located in quiet neighborhoods – sometimes in apartment buildings – the cost will hinge on the mortgage and rent costs in that area. This means you could find a sober living home in a low-rent area for as little as $500 per month, while a sober living home in an affluent West Los Angeles neighborhood costs $10,000 monthly.

The best thing to do is to start looking at suitable sober living homes and then double down on the costs if necessary.

Finding the Best Sober Living Homes Near You

Your healthcare provider and treatment team should help you with recommendations for sober living homes near you.

A simple web search should also yield most of the worthwhile options near you. Almost all sober living homes now have some form of web presence.

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With sober living homes across California allow us to help you find a comporting oasis for your recovery.

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