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Executive Rehab Programs: Offering Privacy, Flexibility, and Professionalism

Balancing work life with recovery can be difficult, here we understand the importance of your career and lifestyle and work our recovery programs around you!

Our executive rehab programs offer evidence based treatments, therapies, and rehab programs to those in career fields who can benefit from the flexibility privacy and professionalism of our rehab programs.

If you or a loved one is looking for a rehab for business professionals, an executive rehab may be the perfect option for you. Normally, rehabs will have clients give up phones, computers, and more so that they can solely focus on their treatment, but that won’t work for some who still need to conduct business regardless of their personal situation.

This is where an executive rehab can help. Read on through this executive rehab guide and let’s take a closer look at what this term actually means.


What is Executive Rehab?

Executive rehab is a substance abuse treatment program specifically designed to accommodate for the work-life balance of business professionals and executives. In an executive rehab setting, clients will have certain perks that they wouldn’t otherwise have in a normal rehab facility. 

Some of these perks can include alternative treatment and counseling hours, access to phone and computer, private rooms at residential facilities, alternative sober living hours, and even virtual rehab options.

To fully understand what you may receive at an executive rehab facility, contact our admissions team today to learn more information.


Executive Rehab Programs in California

Whether you are looking for an outpatient or inpatient executive rehab, California has a number of treatment programs to help all those who are struggling with substance abuse. 


Executive Alcohol Rehab California

While everyone’s situation is different, some aspects of the treatment process can remain the same. For example, for some people dealing with alcohol addiction, whether they are in an executive alcohol treatment program or normal treatment program, they may have to go through a detox process to ensure they safely overcome the early stages of sobriety.

From there, clients in an executive alcohol treatment center can begin the treatment process according to their individual cases. Some aspects of treatment will include individual and group therapies, medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and more. Depending on the client’s situation, the hours and times that they receive this programming may vary due to their business obligations.


Executive Drug Rehab California

All that said, alcohol is only some people’s vice. For others, drugs like prescription medication, cocaine, heroin, or more may be the issue. If this better describes the situation that you are in, don’t worry — an executive drug treatment program works for you. 

Again, for some drugs, specifically benzodiazepines, a detox may still be required. Following that, depending on your situation and addiction, a treatment program will be crafted for your individual circumstances. Just like in an alcohol treatment program, clients will go through various treatment modalities all while working around the business hours that they need to attend to. 

Executive rehab programs try and make the situation as accommodating as possible to ensure that clients are able to handle their business while we handle their sobriety.


Finding an Executive Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction but you are worried about the time commitment that rehab would require, executive rehab is likely the perfect solution. And depending on your case, an outpatient executive facility may even be best. 

While there are treatment locator tools available across the net, we can offer you help immediately. To learn more about executive rehab and to better understand if you qualify for this option, please give our admissions team a call today

Virtual  Rehab Programs


Often times business professionals and executives find a hard time balancing life and work. Adding recovery can be another obstacle if you don’t have treatment that suits your lifestyle. 


Our admissions team will develop a program that is flexible, working around your lifestyle. One of the most common accommodations is virtual recovery. Virtual recovery options allow you to go to therapy sessions, counseling, and other treatments through video call so you can still receive treatment from the comfort of your home, or away on business.


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Don’t wait to get behavioral treatment because of your current schedule. Our executive recovery programs allow our clients to find the recovery they need individualized to their lifestyle.

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