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Top Benefits of Opting for a Telehealth Rehab

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Seeking the right medical assistance for overcoming your addiction can be a daunting task. From choosing a reliable health provider to keeping up with your regular in-person checkups — the physical mode of healthcare is never a cakewalk. This is precisely where telehealth rehab comes into play!

Gaining significant recognition during the spread of COVID-19, this fairly new technological advancement has a lot to offer. Sliding past the geographical barriers, telehealth has made it possible for patients to have expanded access to proper healthcare. 

Research suggests that close to 71% of people considered telemedicine as an alternative to traditional in-person appointments. The growing popularity of telehealth has been primarily led by the technologies that are evolving each day. The global lockdown added fuel to this fire and promoted wider adoption of telehealth, especially amongst people dealing with substance usage. 

Before exploring the various benefits offered by telehealth rehab, let’s dive into what it actually means!

What is Telehealth Rehab?

Telehealth rehab or popularly known as telerehabilitation is the distribution of healthcare services to the patient with the help of electronic media. This includes computers, mobiles, and other communication technologies. Telehealth has also enabled patients to access the much-needed professional health services remotely. 

It offers a perfect blend of information technology with healthcare, making it more reachable for all. Telehealth is noted to be a firm step towards revolutionizing the current trends in healthcare, swinging the gates open for better alternatives to lead the way. 

Benefits of Telehealth Rehab

Bringing the mainstream physical healthcare services to the online mode, telehealth rehab has many advantages, both social and financial. Let’s explore them here:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improves accessibility
  • Ditching the stigma
  • Skipping the triggers
  • Staying independent
  • No need to take leave
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Let’s face it— traveling and visiting your healthcare provider can gradually burn a hole in your pocket. Gas costs, bus or cab passes, all of them contribute to the overall money you spend on the visit. 

Opting for a reliable telehealth rehab cuts down any unwanted costs and offers you more flexibility in terms of overcoming your addiction. 

Improved Access

While the traditional setup may restrict you from having an open connection with your doctor after a certain point, telehealth is different. The reason for the online mode of communication, it allows you to stay connected with your healthcare team, throughout. 

Whether it is via phone calls, text messages, or video chats— you have increased access to the professionals and can get expert advice anytime you want. 

Ditch the Stigma

More often than not, people with addictions hesitate to reach out for help, given the stigmas put forward by society. This tends to result in patients not seeking medical help and/or dropping the idea of getting better mid-way. 

Telehealth rehab prevents this scenario and gives liberty to patients to opt for addiction treatments without letting the world know. Thus, this new way has also increased the number of people who are now trying to get on the correct path, leaving no room for people to judge them. 

Skip the Triggers

Drug and alcohol addicts tend to relapse when visiting a particular place or bumping into old friends that force them to take substances. Taking your treatment at home enables you to avoid these triggers and continue with the healing without any distractions.

Since there is no travel involved, you can abide by the plan set by your doctor and give enough time to yourself before you go back into the world. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Staying Independent

When you take control of your addiction medication at home, it helps you to become independent and strong. Forging your inner willpower, telehealth rehab makes you more responsible and does not let you depend on the healthcare professionals throughout. 

Additionally, you are free to navigate through the entire journey and stay sober on your own. This also eliminates the need for readjusting to your previous routine once your in-person rehab program comes to an end. 

No Need to Take Leaves

With telehealth rehab in place, you are no longer required to take leaves from your workplace or school and make a visit. Being able to get the treatment over electronic media allows you to keep up with your duties without compromising on your health. 

Take out a few hours for the consultation and you are good to carry on with your day. This makes it extremely easy for working employees to address their health concerns without any hassles. 

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Telehealth Rehab in Southern California

While the world moves forward at a skyrocketed pace, telehealth rehab has made it easier for people to lead better lives in their own convenient ways. Our professionals at Drug Rehab Centers offer best-in-class medical assistance and provide effective treatments for additions. 

Reach out to us today at 866.559.4256 and we will be happy to help!

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