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What Does a Substance Abuse Counselor Do?

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Did you know Americans between 18 and 25 are most likely to use addictive drugs? This implies that this age group is the most vulnerable one. So is there anyone who can get them out of it? Or is there someone who can talk to them about how destructive addiction is?

Well, yes. There is a substance abuse counselor who is professionally trained to improve the lives of the people addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other behavior problems. These counselors need to understand the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. The task requires immense patience and sympathy.

The Substance Abuse Counselor

A substance abuse counselor undergoes training to improve the lives of people addicted to drugs and substances. They are dedicated to understanding the mindset of specific age groups. 

Some substance abuse counselors deal exclusively with teenagers and some of them with veterans and amateurs.

They have to understand the problems of particular age groups, their mindset, and why they started doing drugs in the first place? 

These counselors have to deal with a variety of people. Every individual requires a different kind of perspective, words, and techniques to be handled. They have to be compassionate and considerate towards each case differently.

There are times when the person may open up easily, whereas there are times when numerous sessions have to be conducted to get the truth out. But no matter the case, substance counselors are not supposed to lose their cool. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that substance abuse counselors are the ray of hope in their patient’s life.

Basically, the substance abuse counselor does the same job but every time differently.

The Duties

A substance abuse counselor has many duties and many different types of addictions to deal with. These addictions include behavioral problems, substances, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling, and even eating disorders.

The primary duty is to meet with the patient and identify the root of the problem. It may take lots of time, but once the issue is known, the solution is framed.

The solution includes treatment plans and how to proceed with them. This has to be crafted responsibly, as in every type of addiction, there is a high number of chances of the person going back to addiction. Thus, the withdrawal symptoms have to be carefully dealt with.

One of the successful methods is group therapy sessions. When like-minded people talk about their problems openly, the individual issues do not seem that big. Thus, group sessions can help people come out and talk about their problems in a healthier way. A counselor leads the session and encourages the patients to speak and their issues positively.

Apart from group sessions, the counselor has to provide regular reports to the concerned authorities about the patients they deal with. These things help the local governance to keep track of their behavior and ensure no mishappenings.

Last but not least, the counselor keeps in touch with the friends and family of the patient to provide full support and guidance. Therefore it ensures 360-degree care and aftercare.

The Struggles of the Job

It is not easy to talk to individuals about their problems and let them know that these problems are not bigger than life. Again, it is not easy to tell them that addiction is not the answer to these problems.

But substance abuse counselors at Drug Rehab Centers do everything to make their patients feel alive again. A patient walking to them shows that they want to get free but just need the right words and proper support. And the counselor does everything they can to make the individuals live life to the fullest, again!

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