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Virtual Rehab Programs: Offering Privacy, Flexibility, and Comfort

Balancing home life with recovery can be hard, at DRC we understands the importance of your lifestyle and adjust our recovery programs around you!

Our virtual programs offer evidence based treatments, therapies, and rehab programs to those who can benefit from the comfort, privacy, and flexibility of our virtual rehab programs.

Virtual Rehab

For those who want to to focus on recovery but don’t have the time; virtual recovery is the perfect option. It gives those who want expert addiction and mental health care to get treatment in their home and based around their schedule.

Virtual rehab allows anyone unable to engage with face-to-face addiction treatment to get the help they need remotely. It is a bastion of recovery where people can get the help they need no matter where they are. 

What is Virtual Rehab

Virtual rehab offers you access to the same services you find in regular rehab without forcing you to attend a treatment center.

If you are in need of alcohol or drug addiciton treatment but can’t commit to inpatient or outpatient treatment. Then virtual rehab is the perfect option for you.

Counseling and daily group meetings are conducted online using video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or whatever the client prefers.

What Type Of Therapies are Used In Virtual Rehab

Psychotherapies like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) can also be effectively delivered online.

So, with an internet connection and a computer or smart device, you can commit fully to recovery without making repeated weekly trips to a rehab center, and without packing your bags and heading to inpatient rehab either.

Virtual Outpatient Rehab

Most mild and moderate alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders respond favorably to outpatient treatment. Indeed, research shows that IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) are just as effective as residential rehab for treating most substance use disorders.

Not everyone needs inpatient treatment, but not everyone can attend outpatient programs either.

With a virtual outpatient program, you simply engage with the face-to-face components online rather than in-person.

A regular outpatient program will offer you a weekly session of psychotherapy and counseling. If this doesn’t provide you with enough time commitment, there are two more intensive forms of outpatient rehab.

An IOP (intensive outpatient program) involves a minimum of 9 hours of weekly sessions, while a PHP (partial hospitalization program) is a full-time outpatient program. PHPs sit one step down on the continuum of care from residential rehab.

Virtual rehab gained traction throughout 2020 as the effects of the pandemic prevented many from seeking the treatment they needed face-to-face. Since then, most decent rehabs now offer virtual options for all outpatient programs, including IOPs and PHPs.

Virtual Rehab Programs

With virtual rehab programs, you’ll enjoy the freedom to personalize your treatment plan to fit your schedule, and you won’t need to leave home to benefit from therapy.

As long as you have physical access to any medications you need as part of your treatment program, you can reap all the advantages from counseling and talking therapies remotely.

Telehealth Rehab

HRSA defines telehealth rehab as providing the following via online communication software:

  1. Remote treatment
  2. Education pertaining to public health
  3. Clinical healthcare

Where telemedicine involves the delivery of clinical services only, telehealth encompasses a much broader sweep of remote healthcare services.

Telehealth rehab can be a powerful alternative to struggling through the early stages of recovery alone.

Telehealth Drug Rehab

Telehealth drug rehab has the following key goals:

  • Enhancing access to drug addiction treatment for those with transportation or mobility issues
  • Widening access to treatment for those in rural or isolated communities
  • Improving self-management of recovery
  • Streamlining communication between you and your treatment team
  • Broadening access to addiction specialists

Virtual Alcohol Rehab

Many cases of alcohol use disorder can be treated with outpatient rehab, and virtual alcohol rehab can be effective for most mild and many moderate cases of AUD.

How can you get started with remote addiction treatment right now?

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