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Addiction looks different for everyone, and at our facility, we understand that reality. Our treatment is specially designed to treat each client's individual and underlying problems to help them conquer addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

Newport Beach Rehab

Newport Beach is well-known for its beautiful beaches, incredible coastlines, and an endless supply of things to do. It’s no wonder the area is a dream vacation destination for people around the world; the alluring draw of Newport Beach is evident. 

It’s also one of the reasons that Newport Beach rehab is such a sought-after service. Substance abuse treatment in Newport Beach provides the highest level of care in one of the most stunning locations in the country. If you want to stop using substances and are looking for support, drug or alcohol rehab in Newport Beach may be the solution for you.

What to Expect at Our Newport Beach Rehab Centeran image of newport beach, something you can see at a newport beach rehab

Newport Beach rehab and care facilities are some of the best substance abuse treatment programs available. These top-rated treatment programs provide specialized care to individuals struggling with their alcohol or drug use. Anyone seeking the best in addiction treatment needs to look no further than alcohol and drug rehab in Newport Beach.

Along with intensive care, most Newport Beach rehab centers also offer high-level accommodations and luxurious amenities to ensure your comfort during treatment. These programs include more than hospital detox services and group counseling; they usually include complete personalization catered to your individual needs.

Some of the types of services you can expect at a Newport Beach rehab center include:

  • 5-star facilities
  • Single room assignments
  • Personalized dietary accommodations
  • Low client-to-staff ratio
  • Greater privacy
  • Luxuries like massages, acupuncture, and more

Seeking treatment at an alcohol or drug rehab in Newport Beach means you’ll receive the best care available. It surpasses the traditional approach to substance abuse treatment and eliminates all potential distractions so you can place your entire attention and focus on your recovery.

Drug Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction are widespread problems throughout the United States. 6.6% of the population ages 12 and older (or 18.4 million people) meet the criteria for an illicit drug use disorder. This includes substances like marijuana, prescription medications, fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and more. 

Some people may believe that those who struggle with substances only fit a certain category or description. But in reality, addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects people regardless of their age, gender, income, social status, or occupation. There is no single picture of what someone who lives with substance use disorder “looks like.”

Drug rehab in Newport Beach is the best solution for anyone trying to stop using substances. But how do you know when it’s time to seek help for yourself or a loved one? It’s not always easy to know when the “right” time for drug rehab is. There are some signs you can look for that may indicate it’s time to ask for help:

  • Giving up important activities to use drugs
  • Using more drugs thank you initially intended to
  • Spending a lot of time using drugs or recovering from their effects
  • Continuing to use drugs even if they’re causing problems in your life
  • Using drugs despite the mental or physical health problems they cause

If you notice any of these signs you may want to reach out to a drug rehab facility.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is the most readily available drug in society. You can find a drink just about everywhere you go, from restaurants to sporting events to family gatherings. Drinking is commonplace in society which makes it easier for people to hide their problems with alcohol.

Research shows that an estimated 10.2% of people in the U.S. ages 12 and older (about 28.3 million people) have an alcohol use disorder. That means 1 in 10 people struggle to control their drinking. Much like addiction, alcohol use disorder affects people from all walks of life. It can impact business executives, high school students, and stay-at-home moms alike.

an image of what you can see at rehab in newport beach

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when your drinking has crossed the line into problem alcohol use. These are some indications that your drinking may be more problematic than you think:

  • Trying to slow down or stop drinking but not being able to
  • Missing commitments or responsibilities at work, school, or home 
  • Continuing to drink even when you find yourself in dangerous situations as a result
  • Drinking more to achieve the desired feeling
  • Experiencing cravings or strong urges to drink alcohol

When you start experiencing these symptoms it’s time to find help at an alcohol rehab facility.

Newport Beach Rehab and Care Facilities

Newport Beach rehab and care facilities provide a pathway out of drug and alcohol addiction and support as you begin your journey. Whether you’ve tried a rehab program before or it’s your first time asking for help, seeking treatment at drug rehab in Newport Beach may be the decision that saves your life and sets you on a path to recovery.

Finding a Newport Beach Rehab Facility

Newport Beach rehab programs offer specialized services like alcohol and drug rehab to those seeking a high level of care. If you’re looking for the best drug rehab in California, finding a drug or alcohol rehab in Newport Beach may be the best choice for you. To find a program that fits your needs, reach out to us today at Drug Rehab Centers. You can speak with a certified admissions specialist who will connect you with a facility that is suited for you!


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