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How to Identify an Alcoholic

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Alcohol is more than just a beverage and is highly known to induce alcoholism in people drinking it. Alcoholism is a condition experienced by people who are extremely addicted to alcohol. This state is a unique one wherein people have a deep desire to consume alcohol even though it has a negative impact on their lives. 

Alcoholism just doesn’t have the same impact on all kinds of people. It is known to take different forms of life depending upon the control a specific person has on his alcohol consumption. However, any person experiencing extreme conditions of alcoholism is widely known to be an alcoholic. 

Who is an Alcoholic?

An alcoholic is a person experiencing alcoholism. A person who basically drinks alcohol while exceeding their ability and is unable to control it. This state further has serious impacts on the functioning of the alcoholic and is also one of the many reasons for going into depression. 

Most frequently this condition of an alcoholic is combined with being habitually intoxicated and drinking day to day endlessly bigger amounts of liquor than most. Since an alcoholic experiences certain serious impacts on his life, it is necessary to identify such a person and try to help them out. 

How to Identify an Alcoholic?

Identifying an Alcoholic can be troublesome in light of the fact that there aren’t any specifically obvious examples of having this addiction. 

However, one of the common key elements in all types of alcoholics is having abusive behavior. Some other ways of behaving that usually help in identifying an alcoholic include:

  • Unlimited Consumption – An alcoholic usually asks for “just one more” but keeps on having it and eventually he is unable to keep control of his consumption. 
  • Keeping Secrecy – An alcoholic usually tries to have all his drinks while he is alone so as to face the repercussions in a secret place and not in public. 
  • Making Alcohol their Priority – A person extremely addicted to alcohol puts this drink on his top priority, leaving out even his supreme responsibilities. 
  • Frequent Blackouts – Due to consuming an increased amount of alcohol, an alcoholic starts to forget various things even those that took place recently. 
  • Denying Problems – When such a person gets questioned about his drinking behavior, the answer is most likely to be in denial. Alcoholics usually consider that they are all good since they are able to function well. 
  • Dropping Punctuality – In a gradual period of time, alcoholics eventually start losing track of their lives and enter the category of latecomers. This enormously impacts their life and they are hard hit by this. 
  • Substitute Meals – Alcoholics start considering alcohol as their only fuel of energy and they even start substituting this with their everyday meals which results in a loss of strength in the body. 
  • Extreme Mood Swings – Alcohol is a drink that doesn’t keep the person drinking it in their own control. An alcoholic starts having increased mood swings which indicate strange behavior in them. 
  • Ignoring their Financial, Health, or Relationship Problems – Once a person has fallen into the sphere of alcoholism, he doesn’t care about his house, his relationships, or any other serious problem. All they think about is alcohol. 
  • Jokes About his Drinking – Since alcohol also impacts an alcoholic’s brain functioning, they are not aware of what they actually speak or don’t even remember any of it. This majorly incorporates joking about their drinking habits or the problems that they must be facing. 
  • Can’t Stop Even if They Want to – Once a person has developed an alcohol addiction, they can’t stop, and even if they do they start feeling irritated, anxious, and uncomfortable.

Who Can Become an Alcoholic?

Anybody can develop an addiction to alcohol. Among various issues that might put an individual at higher chances of becoming an alcoholic includes having a family background of liquor addictions, a past filled with extreme financial issues that are connected with drinking, an individual who starts drinking at an early age, may experience the ill effects of various serious injuries, traumas, mental health disorders or even a high stressing job can be a risk factor for liquor addictions. 

What are the Solutions?

If you start experiencing any of the above-mentioned situations, it’s time to put a stop to your alcohol consumption. Well, this is not all easy but at the same time, it’s also not an impossible task! There have been various types of treatment programs that help alcoholics get a regular track of their lives and be back to their normal schedules. 

This majorly includes outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab deals with making you independent in your overall recovery. On the other side, inpatient rehab is such an intense program combining psychiatric and medical treatment in one go!  

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