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“I Haven’t Been Myself Lately” – What Does That Mean

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I Haven’t Felt Like Myself Lately

Most people have stated the phrase I haven’t been myself lately, but what does that mean for your mental wellness — The moments when you don’t recognize your own self can be worrisome. These can be moments but also last much longer than anticipated. But often this can be connected to your body’s physical, emotional, or metal wellbeing.

In some cases this feeling can be linked to depression, anxiety, or other behavioral challenges, In these cases it can be hard to determine what’s bothering you just a worrying feeling something feels off.

But why does it happen, and how can you move past it?

“Why Haven’t I Felt Like Myself In Awhile”

Going through times of not feeling the same can happen very often through out you lifetime, and many things can cause you to feel differently.

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Sometimes a Disconnection can be caused by: 

  • Hormones Often times hormones can have a huge effect on how we feel emotional and can effect us through habitual sadness, anxiety, drastic feeling changes day over day.
  • Stress. Stress can also cause you to have an immense mental shift that causes a difference in behavior and how we handle things emotionally
  • Major life changes. Sometimes when big changes happen it can completely change you sense of self, proprieties , and even cause feelings of lost self.
  • Loss. Many people who experience loss will often have many different feelings and emotions and can cause individuals to go through periodic changes of sadness, grief, loss, and difficult times.

In addition those who lose individuals in relationships can feel a sense of loss because they don’t know themselves without the other person which can be a huge change to someone experiencing co-dependency or relationship struggles.

This situations are very conditional to what is going on in someones life and depending why you may not feel like yourself can also be linked to other behavioral health issues not contained above.

Other Reasons You May Not Feel Like Yourself

Sometimes the reason you may not feel like yourself can be explained by a mental health condition. Feelings of disconnecting from oneself is a common sign of these mental health conditions

If you feel that a mental health condition is at the root of your feelings you may consider receiving help from a mental health treatment center. By calling our admissions team we can connect you to a licensed psychiatrist who will get to the root cause of feeling disconnected from ones self.

How To Feel Like Yourself Again

Finding ourself again can be very difficult task alone that is why calling a mental health treatment center while focusing on these ways to reconnect with yourself will create assurance your will reach your mental wellness goals.

Find Ways To Ground Yourself

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Grounding is a strategy people can use to focus on their surroundings, current standings, emotions as a way to develop positive thoughts around a situation. Grounding techniques can be breathing strategies, visual techniques, sensory strategies, or even taking record of your emotions.

in many cases research backs up that grounding can help improve mode and emotions towards a situation.

There are many ways to learn grounding techniques. Very often times therapists and professionals will tech them as coping mechanisms to vitalize your mood and improve mental wellness.

 One grounding exercise you can do on your own:

  1. Plant both feet on the ground.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths slowly.
  3. Relax your shoulders
  4. Say the date and time
  5. State what is visual in your surroundings. 
  6. Remind yourself that you are in a safe place.
  7. Continue to take deep breaths and focus on what you can observe around you.

Activities That Help Reconnect With One’s Self

Actively taking time to yourself by focusing on things you enjoy doing can help bring back your sense of self. By focusing on hobbies, interests, and activities people can find themselves by submerging themselves in activities that are truly “them”

Many times not feeling like yourself can be the result of very many strenuous activities that take away from your sense of “self”. By settling down and focusing on what makes you – you, one can help establish a strong sense of self, purpose, and overall better feeling of wellness.

Self Reflect on How You are Feeling

When you engage in self reflection is can be the perfect activity to help instill a sense of self awareness.

Some people look to journaling, blogging, or even video blogging as a way to take notes of feelings, events, and emotions which not only grounds individuals but gives them a sense of self as it relates to their feelings and world around them.

Am I Depressed if I Don’t Feel Like Myself?

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Depression varies by the person effected but very often “not feeling like myself” is a common phrase to the early symptom of feeling disconnected. A breakdown of how we normally feel, and our thought patterns. Some people cling to old ways of though or can seem to understand how they feel. Facing depression is strange and uncomfortable, and it is natural to resist.

During the onset of depression, your old ego no longer fits emotionally to your current situation. Many people that makes them feel out of the norm or not their self . Depression can be seen as a cocoon, where you will reach the point of being a stronger, better person but it will take work overcome depression and reach your wellness goals.

Facing Depression

No one should face depression alone, If you find you don’t feel like yourself or need help grounding a Southern California depression treatment center can help you overcome the disconnect associated with depression. Many people notice depression early on as habitual sadness and wait to receive treatment until it affects their lives negatively. Don’t wait to find help, a licensed therapist can teach you the coping mechanisms, offer treatment programs, and empowering therapy to keep your mental strong. A depression treatment program in California can help treat habitual sadness before it becomes crippling depression.

Don’t hesitate to Call Us Today and find you way to feeling like the old you.

Frost Anderson
Author: Frost Anderson