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Halfway House in California

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The first step to freedom from alcohol and drug abuse begins in an addiction treatment program. Most programs begin with a medically-supervised detox to clear all substances from your system. Then you move into either a residential inpatient or day program that addresses the mental and behavioral aspects of addiction. 

Typically, an intensive outpatient program is the final stage of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. These programs serve as a transition period between a full-time level of care before finishing your program. They offer ongoing support throughout the week while giving you time to find a job, return to school, or meet other existing responsibilities.

However, not everyone is ready to return home during their outpatient program. Some people prefer to reside in a supportive, sober environment as they continue their care in treatment. This is exactly what halfway houses exist to do.

Benefits of a Halfway House

A halfway house is a residential facility where people can live as part of their drug rehab program. Also known as sober living, a halfway house provides a safe, substance-free, recovery-focused home environment. It places you among a group of people who share the same goals and outlook on life as you who are also learning to live alcohol- and drug-free.

There are many benefits of a halfway house. They help you build a strong foundation in recovery with ongoing support before returning home to your everyday life. Some halfway homes offer residential services for set periods. Others allow you to live there for a few weeks to several months if needed. Ultimately, halfway houses help you stay on track during the most pivotal times of your recovery.

Southern California Sober Living Homes

Southern California is known for being one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. To those in the recovery community, it’s also known as one of the recovery capitals of the country. Southern California sober living homes provide a place for you to live while learning to navigate life without turning back to drugs or alcohol.

Halfway House in Orange County

Finding a halfway house in Orange County ensures an affordable place to live while you focus on your recovery. Orange County offers plenty to do, from making use of the beautiful trails to heading to the beach to visiting amusement parks and more. 

Halfways House in Los Angeles

Halfway houses in Los Angeles provide a safe and sober environment for anyone looking to rebuild their lives in the City of Angels. There is no shortage of excitement and wonder in Los Angeles, and a halfway house provides a recovery-focused home base for you to return to every day.

Halfway House in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a beautiful coastal beach town and a place where many people begin their journey of recovery. Living in a halfway house in Huntington Beach puts you right in the middle of life again while ensuring your sobriety remains your top priority.

Join Our Halfway Homes Community

If you want to build your recovery foundation in one of the most beautiful locations in the country, our halfway homes in Southern California are the perfect place for you. We offer a safe, sober environment where you can find freedom from drugs and alcohol and then rebuild your new life in recovery. Give us a call today to learn more about our programs, halfway homes, and more!

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