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Drug Detox in San Diego

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Among the many addictions that prove detrimental to society, drug abuse is a leading one. While creating a significant social void and hampering the future of today’s youth, substance overdose can be extremely overwhelming at times. Various treatment options, including rehab and drug detox in San Diego, have gained popularity in recent times, and it is vital to understand them well.

Drug detoxification is a long and extensive step in the process of your addiction recovery, but it tends to yield long-term results. A body exposed to alcohol and drugs for an extended period is likely to become dependent on the substance. Reducing its consumption or completely giving up the drug can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal reactions and symptoms shown by addicts can cause a great deal of discomfort and be fatal in some cases. This is why it is vital to understand all of the nuances of drug detox in San Diego before you draft a suitable plan of action in order to heal your body and mind the right way. 

Types of Drug Detox San Diego

Drug detoxification programs vary based on your requirements and experiences. This includes medical detox, which involves 24/7 professional healthcare intervention, and social detox, which helps you live independent of substances.

These two types of detox play a vital role when it comes to addiction recovery. To help your body return to its normal, balanced state, drug detox is an essential start to a clean future.

Social Detox

When you start your journey towards healing, your body tends to act up and exhibit unexpected behaviors. This is the stage where you need the most support and effective counseling. Your friends and loved ones are integral in your healing journey during these challenging times.

Social detox starts immediately after you make up your mind to quit drugs altogether. This requires you to quit “cold turkey,” mainly under the guidance of experienced healthcare specialists. These professionals also come to the rescue by providing psychological and emotional support during the withdrawal phase, without administering medications. 

One of the significant challenges in the process of social drug detox in San Diego is the higher chance of relapse. The pain and discomfort caused during drug withdrawal can result in significant physical and mental distress. The absence of drugs in your body can compel and influence you to retreat on your path and please your cravings for the substance. 

The prompt relapse can be a major cause of drug overdose as well, due to lower drug tolerance of your after the decrease of substance consumption. Since your body no longer needs the same amount of substances you were used to before, taking the same quantity is likely to affect your system immensely. Make sure to seek professional help in this scenario.

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Medical Detox

In addition to the life-threatening risks involved in substance abuse withdrawal, attempting to give them up on your own can be challenging to handle. Some advanced forms of withdrawal include seizures and heart attacks. These negative and sometimes fatal consequences can be mitigated in a medical setting with round-the-clock professional supervision.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, close to 23.5 million people over the age of 12 needed medical treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in 2019. This indicates the growing importance of reliable medical options for drug recoveries. 

Additionally, there can also be firm disturbances in your cognitive abilities, leading to strange, erratic behaviors. This can make addicts violent and may compromise the safety of everybody around them. 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an official healthcare option that includes administering prescribed medications to the addict. Tested medications, including benzodiazepines, help in subsidizing withdrawal symptoms and give relief to the mind. This way, you can control yourself and make the addiction recovery phase easier than if you were to detox at home.


While long-term addictions are treated with diligent efforts, they require attentive care and tremendous patience. Addicts are under immense stress in the detox phase of recovery, which is why it is vital to provide them with moral and professional support.

Here at Drug Rehab Centers, we offer dedicated medical treatment and rehab facilities to help you overcome addiction. Get in touch with our experienced staff to find a drug detox in San Diego and get started today!

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