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Detox in California

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Drug detox in California is a life-saving form of treatment for individuals who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. Your body develops physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol when you use these substances long-term. Once dependence develops, your body needs substances to function properly. If you cut back on or stop using them, you’re going to go through a withdrawal process.

Quitting drugs and alcohol isn’t as easy as some people may believe. Have you ever heard the phrase “kicking the habit” or the term “dopesick”? Both of these stem from the symptoms experienced during withdrawals. Using your drug of choice relieves the symptoms which makes them a common cause of relapse.

Detoxification is the process your body goes through when clearing all substances from your system. It is an uncomfortable and painful process but it’s necessary if you want to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Drug detox is oftentimes the first stage of treatment for someone who cannot stop drinking or using drugs on their own.

Drug detox in California is a level of care that provides medical supervision during the detox and withdrawal period. Medical professionals manage the physical and psychological effects that occur in the first few hours and days after separating from substances. Once you successfully detox from all substances you can move into the next phases of treatment.

How does drug detox work?

Drug Detox Programs

Long-term drug use alters your mind and body. It changes your brain chemistry and leaves your body dependent on the drugs you use. Trying to suddenly stop using drugs will cause physical and mental effects ranging from mild to severe. Drug detox programs exist to manage these effects so the detoxification process is more tolerable. Many programs use the assistance of prescription medication (medication-assisted treatment) to offer relief.

Opioid Detox Programs

Opioids are the most dangerous types of drugs in use today. They include drugs like prescription painkillers, fentanyl, morphine, heroin, and codeine. People who abuse opioids experience severe and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms when they quit. 

Opioid detox programs are a vital part of the addiction treatment process. Various types of medication are used for opioid detox, including buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone. These medications lessen the severity of opioid withdrawal symptoms and provide relief from drug cravings.

Alcohol Detox Programs

People who drink heavily for months or years can develop a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. Quitting drinking can cause the same serious withdrawal symptoms that separating from drugs causes. Sometimes alcohol withdrawal can be just as severe and life-threatening as opioid withdrawal.

Separating from alcohol is necessary before addiction treatment can be effective. Alcohol detox programs are designed to keep you safe and as comfortable as possible during the withdrawal period. Some programs use medications like naloxone or naltrexone to assist with the process. 

California Medical Detox

California medical detox is only the first step of the addiction treatment process. Separating from drugs and alcohol alone doesn’t address the other aspects of substance use disorder. Addiction is also caused by psychological, social, and behavioral problems that abstinence does not address.

Once you’re successfully separated from substances then the next phase of treatment can begin. This includes levels of care such as residential inpatient, day treatment, and outpatient programs. These programs focus on the mental components of addiction through individual counseling, group therapy, education, and more.

Have you been trying to stop using drugs or alcohol but that it’s impossible to do alone? It might be time to reach out for help. You have many options for alcohol and drug detox in California at programs dedicated to helping you initiate change. There’s no need to handle your substance problem alone; reach out today to find the program that’s right for you!

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