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Finding Help For Crippling Depression

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Even though crippling depression is not a medical term, when someone has clinical depression or a major depressive disorder (MAD) their mental health issues are usually so intense it makes doing daily tasks difficult like getting out of bed, going to work, or even taking a shower.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), says that about 7.1 percent of people in the US experience major depressive episodes at least once in their lives. This intense form of depression is extremely common.

Symptoms of Crippling Depression

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Most people experience times of habitual sadness or feeling down, but with crippling depression its is much more severe. The symptoms can be noticed not only by your mood but also your physical health, and mental well being. Untreated clinical depression or MAD can even become more sever overtime making daily tasks unmanageable even suicidal thought and self harm.

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Depression may not always be present in you life, but people will find that it comes and goes facing multiple depressive episodes. During depressive episodes, symptoms include

  • Feeling sad, tearful, empty or hopeless
  • Outbursts of anger, being irritable or mad over small matters
  • Lose interest in fun activities like sex, sports, and friends
  • Difficulty Sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Lack of energy
  • Appetite changes that cause severe weightless or gain
  • Anxiousness, being agitated or restlessness
  • Thinking capabilities hindered
  • Feels worthless or guilty
  • Issues thinking, concentrating, and memory
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, or self harm.
  • physical pains without explanation

Those facing depression these symptoms are sever and will be noticeable in day to day activities.

Causes of Crippling Depression

Depression is a very complex mental condition and it can occur for a plethora of reasons. Most of the time depression is cause by a multitude of reasons and factors that put some through mental turmoil. The 4 main causes of depression coined by the NIMH include:

  • Genetic Link: It was found that 1/2 of depression cases are genetic.
  • Biological Causes: It is found that multiple biological factors can contribute to depression.
  • Environmental Causes: Depression may also be caused by environmental factors.
  • Psychological Causes: History of other mental conditions, anxiety, substance use disorders.

When Is Depression Crippling?

According to depression treatment experts, depression is considered crippling for people based on numerous different factors and characteristics. But one similarity across the board: Depression is crippling when it stops you from being able to function normally, examples being going to work, or socializing with friends. Some people face depression on and off for weeks or months at a time. For others depression will affect them throughout their lives and if not properly treated can amidst itself into anxiety, substance abuse, and even have deadly consequences.

How Many People Face Crippling Depression?

The amount of people facing crippling depression is unknown, This is in most part due to the fact that depression is often unreported and people will face the mental turmoil in silence to avoid the stigma and factors such as – embarrassment, healthcare costs, belief to will pass. The estimated number of adults facing crippling depression could approximately be around 15 million annually.

How Do You Diagnose Crippling Depression?

Most often people will be diagnosed with crippling depression if it follows these characteristics. First, a doctor will ask about your medical background and history, run tests to find the cause the depression. Second, or a mental health expert or therapist will perform a psychological examination that outlining your emotions, mood, and actions.The outcomes of the examinations will be judged against the criteria in the DSM-5 for final diagnosis.

Aften a diagnosis a doctor or therapist will often help you find the best treatment provider and assist you in finding the best depression treatment center that suites your needs.

How Do You Treat Crippling Depression?

There are many different treatment options for treating depression, often times you depression therapist will create an individualized treatment plan to help you find lasting recovery. Most often these treatment plans will contain therapies and treatments like Depression Therapy, EMDR Therapy, life skills training, medication, and in some cases residential treatment.

Finding Help For Clinical Depression

If you or a loved one is facing clinical depression don’t let them fight it in silence, call us immediately, don’t wait for symptoms to persist or get worse. Our depression therapy experts and mental health providers will work with you to design an individualized treatment program. Call our admission hotline today and our experts can help guide you to a recovery center and help every step of the way with insurance, getting to treatment, and answer any question you may have. Call us today at

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