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Benefits of DUI Classes

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The consequences of a DUI conviction can be severe, which is why it’s important to take a DUI class. It is an educational program that is designed to train you on the effects of alcohol on drivers and also help you avoid future convictions. Several states in the US require offenders to sign up for the DUI classes (also known as alcohol education programs).

Who Usually Takes DUI Classes?

Judges in most states order DUI offenders to attend Alcohol Education and Treatment Programs or better known as “DUI schools”.

You are financially responsible for the classes if you’re court-mandated to take them. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. It depends on how many hours you are required to attend the school or what kind of class you are taking — DUI classes online or an in-person one!

Anyone can voluntarily go to DUI school, even though you are not mandated to attend it. Many people consider it when they have committed a DUI offense or believe that their substance use is impacting their daily routine. In many cases, several reputable drug rehab centers advise addicted individuals to attend these classes.

What is Included in a Program?

The length of your DUI school program will depend on a few factors. These include how many previous arrests you’ve had and what BAC level was detected at the time of the arrest. It is mandatory to meet all the requirements of this program to complete it successfully. All these key requirements are usually discussed at the time of your orientation.

When you enroll in a DUI program, your attendance must remain consistent. Even though you are allowed to miss some online DUI classes or in-person ones, missing too many classes will result in being dismissed from the course and may lead to more serious consequences.

What are the Benefits of Completing Your DUI Classes?

Be it DUI classes online or face-to-face ones, attending them has so many benefits. The following are the top reason to complete a DUI class:

You Can Avoid Severe Consequences of Future DUI Offenses

All DUI classes aim to make sure their students understand how dangerous drunk driving is and the risks associated with it. They also provide personal testimonies from people who have lost loved ones due to a consequence of drunk driving. All such testimonies and the lessons that are taught in the classes are enough to get the attendees back on the right track.

You Meet the Requirements of the Probation

If you get charged with a DUI, then the court will likely require that you attend alcohol treatment programs. These classes can take around 12-30 hours over 3 months for first-time offenders. For repeat offenders, the duration of these classes can be anywhere between 9 to 30 months. Your license is returned only when you finish the class successfully.

Note that if you break your probation terms, it is considered a crime, and an arrest warrant may be issued against you by the judge.

You Learn to Recognize The Triggers of Substance Abuse

DUI class is designed not only to help you identify the triggers of substance abuse that push people into drinking or getting high but also to learn how to avoid them to prevent yourself from getting into trouble. 

They Save You From More Serious DUI Punishments

If you are ordered by the court to undergo a DUI program, this order must be followed. If not completed, you may get arrested and face a maximum DUI sentence — it may include incarceration and extended probation.

You Overcome Addiction and Learn To Make Better Decisions

DUI classes do their best to train you to understand the negative effects of alcohol with some real data. They focus on teaching you how to drink responsibly. You’ll learn about the different circumstances that could lead to a DUI offense and be coached in making responsible choices when they arise. 

Reach out For Addiction Treatment

If you have received a DUI and need help from an addiction treatment program to fight back against substance abuse, give our team a call today to get the process started.

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