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How Alcohol Destroys Relationships

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Alcoholism can significantly change a person’s personality and, therefore, may prevent them from recognizing what they looked like before they started drinking. Another negative characteristic of alcohol use disorder is unsuccessful relationships with relatives and loved ones. In addition to physical and mental abuse, alcohol dependence can often be a burden not only to the person struggling, but even more so for close family members. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol a California alcohol rehab center can help treat alcoholism rebuild the bridges burnt by alcoholism.

Alcoholism and Codependency

As mentioned, children, extended family members, and spouses can become codependent due to the abuse of alcohol by loved ones, or at least be seriously affected. From problems of mistrust and lack of communication to abuse, lack of emotional accessibility and negative consequences for young children; alcohol abuse in romantic relationships can have serious consequences for both partners, their children and other family members. Regardless of the type of relationship, alcohol abuse can be devastating. Often times family members experience trauma and seek out trauma therapy or EMDR therapy to help heal from traumatic events.

How Alcohol Effects Relationships

Often, excessive alcohol consumption can create toxic or unhealthy dynamics in a relationship. In addition, alcohol acts as a depressant, which can lead to misjudgements of the emotional and financial aspects of a marriage.

If your partner has a drug or alcohol problem and you want to be with that person, then the best thing you can do for you and your relationship is to get them to start treatment. Some treatment programs for those suffering from alcoholism include:

How Alcohol Consumption Effects Relationships

In most cases, it is necessary to stop using alcohol and drugs in order to identify and resolve relationship problems. In many cases, a drinking problem can even destroy the relationship over time. Research has consistently shown that alcohol consumption can negatively affect relationships. 

Treatment For Alcoholism

Unfortunately, alcohol can alter the way dopamine works in the brain, disrupting the process of receiving rewards and redirecting them to excessive drinking rather than building relationships. These psychological effects may persist even after the alcohol has left your body and may ultimately alter brain function. Initially, a person may think that alcohol abuse will help him cope with these stressors, but as he continues to drink heavily, over time, this abuse can turn into drug addiction. 

Don’t let an addiction negatively affect your life, by calling us today, our admissions specialist can help guide you through the recovery process so you can rebuild relationships.

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